The Four of Us are Dying


At first it’s just me, walking down a long dark corridor, in silence. Then I realize there’s a person walking beside me, though I don’t know how long this person has been walking beside me, and I don’t know, either, if this person knows that I am walking beside them. Finally we are approached by two other people, who have been walking toward us from some distance away, and who pass us in silence, in the hall, continuing in the direction from which we have come, though it’s true that we also are passing them, and that, from their perspective, we had been approaching, and they had been the ones who were being approached.  



Edward Mullany is the author of the books If I Falter at the GallowsFigures for an Apocalypse, and The Three Sunrises, from Publishing Genius Press. He is also the creator of the comic strips Rachel and Ben and Excerpts from a Boring Man's Diary. He is the recipient of a Barthelme Fellowship from the Inprint Foundation, and his writing has recently appeared in Peach Mag, Alaska Quarterly Review, Carolina Quarterly and jubilat.