Medium (Philippe parreno)


Orange precludes blue                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                wavelengths in this
nonaquarium but for
balloon cuttlefish
children and their
adults in tandem
lob so that
they float to the ceiling
then back to the
floor. In this
I am
a yeast reaction. I propagate
myself with glycerin
in pistons

and flasks
and lambent floral
and clangs on two grand
pianos and include
a plant
who thinks
it's a man
wearing a blurry
nametag and a suit and thumbing
the screen on his phone
to take a photo
of our moving
towards him and then
changing course   



Patty Nash is a poet and translator. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Denver Quarterly, The Journal, The Collagist, Prelude, and elsewhere. She has MFAs in translation and creative writing from the University of Iowa. She tweets at @pattynashdj and lives in Berlin.